About Us

At Jeff’s Undercoating we take pride in our capabilities to give you the best rust protection possible.

We have designed and built some of our own undercoating tools to ensure the best protection possible.

If you have had your vehicle undercoated before with FLUID FILM but did not have it done at our shop, IT PROBABLY WASN’T DONE RIGHT!


It takes approximately 45 minutes to do a vehicle the right way depending on size.

We will drill/spray and plug doors and tailgates if requested.

We have 1/2″ poly lines on our guns so we can get into frame rails, fender wells, rockers, cab corners, every nook and cranny possible.


Just 20 minutes west of Erie and 1 mile south of I90

9911 East Peach St. Platea, PA

Home: 814-774-2484

Cell: 814-449-3715

Email: info@jeffsundercoating.com


Coming Soon.